The Advances in Artificial Intelligence School has also a community, to promote and increase collaborations among peers and create strong connections for future works.

Actively participate in the discussions that will be shared in the school Slack workspace and interact with the School Lecturers and Organizers!

All the Participants will be added automatically to the Slack workspace before the end of August or soon after their registration to the school.

Let the Organizers know if you prefer to be added with a different email address in respect to the one used for the registration (it is best to use the same address). You can refer to Professor Gasparini ( and Doctor Saibene (

Notice that the Slack channel will be also used to share the various materials for each session, to give updates and share news!


Have you ever asked yourself where the Lecturers come from?
Here is a map to give you a rough idea of it.

From where do the participants come from?



Who is in charge of the venue, registration, material, and Slack workspace management?

The Organizing Committee members:

    • Francesca Gasparini ( venue, accomodations, and registrations.

    • Alessandra Grossi ( venue, accomodations, and registrations.

    • Aurora Saibene ( Slack workspace, Drive folder, presentation form and remote connection.

    • Mirko Caglioni ( Slack workspace and remote connection.

I would like to share my lecture material, how could I do so?

Please, share the material on the dedicated Drive folder session subdirectory.

I cannot access the Slack workspace, what should I do?

Please, contact Aurora and Mirko letting them know of your problem.

I have some difficulties in connecting remotely to the School, who should I contact?

Please, use the Slack workspace to talk with our moderator Mirko or write your problem down in the #help channel.

Will I receive the certificate of attendance?

If you have registered to the School and attended it, you will receive the certificate.

Will I receive ECTS after School attendance?

If you have registered to the School, attended it and given the final presentation, you will receive the certificate of attendance plus ECTS certification.